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POKOK DOA DAN PUASA Bulan Agustus 2015

praying hands 620x413Salam Sejahtera saudara2 terkasih di wadah FGBMFI, 

Pokok doa dan puasa senin pertama bulan Agustus 2015 ini ada di tanggal 3, mari kita tetap sehati berdoa dan berpuasa untuk beberapa topik dibawah ini :

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Young Professionals @ The World Convention (Ages 15 - 24)

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All of God's Young Professionals under one roof and under one banner, that is the dream.

My name is Blakeland Richard Shakarian and I am formally inviting all Full Gospel Young Professionals, as well as anyone who wants a life changing experience to the International World Convention this year in Houston Texas.

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